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These smart devices transform water distribution, empowering users to conserve water and promote sustainable resource management. Invest in smart meter data today.

What Do The Water Meter Guys Do?

We specialise in promoting fairness and accuracy in water billing by installing individual water meters, including upgrading existing water meters to digital technology. Our goal is to ensure that people are billed for their actual water usage, avoiding instances of water bill shock.

These digital water meters not only contribute to environmental conservation by encouraging reduced consumption but also lead to cost savings for consumers and water utility providers alike. Additionally, they streamline the meter reading process, alleviating the need for manual intervention by meter readers and reducing the burden on existing infrastructure.

The Difference Between A Smart Water Meter And A Standard Water Meter?

A smart water meter differs from a standard water meter in its advanced capabilities. While a standard meter measures total water usage, a smart meter offers real-time data, providing hourly consumption insights. Smart meters utilise digital technology, enabling remote monitoring and instant access to usage details. This functionality allows for timely leak detection, reducing water wastage.

Standard Water Meters

Regular water meters require manual readings and don't have the advanced features of smart meters. Smart meters use technology to be more accurate and help people save water, making them a better choice for managing water resources.

Smart Water Meter System

Smart water metering has been around for 20 years, and now more than ever is growing in popularity. These meters play a crucial role in promoting water conservation by effectively addressing potential wastage from undetected water leaks and burst pipes, which often linger unnoticed for weeks or months.

From a financial standpoint, our smart water meters empower you to exercise greater control over your water costs by providing accurate and detailed consumption data on an hourly basis. This real-time water usage data allows for informed decision-making and contributes both to environmental sustainability and financial savings.

At The Water Meter Guys, our smart meters feature accurate hourly readings that can be conveniently accessed online at any time. We’ve installed many meters for property developers and body corporates all over Queensland - keeping in line with the necessary Council and Authority requirements set for the specific region.

The Process of Smart Water Metering

Smart water metering involves advanced technology to monitor and manage water supply consumption efficiently. These meters use sensors to record real-time usage data, which is transmitted wirelessly to a central system.

The process includes continuous monitoring, allowing consumers and utility providers to access detailed insights into water usage patterns. Smart meters facilitate automatic billing based on accurate readings, eliminating the need for manual meter readings.

They also enable early leak detection by detecting irregularities in consumption. The integration of digital capabilities streamlines data collection, enhances conservation efforts, and supports sustainable water management practices, making smart water metering a modern and effective solution.

Benefits of Smart Water Meter Systems

Smart water meters provide significant cost savings over the long term and experience a range of benefits from investing in our meter installations.

The benefits of having such installations on your property include the following:

  • See accurate hourly readings of your water usage levels online
  • Promptly identify and resolve any potential leaks or unusually excessive water usage levels
  • Cut down on water network wastage and contribute to a healthier environment
  • Reduce your water bills by only paying for the water that you’ve used

Who Requires Smart Water Technologies?

Smart water technologies are important for everyone who manages water. They help cities and water companies deliver water more efficiently, find leaks, and use water resources wisely. They also help factories use water more efficiently, follow environmental rules, and track how much water they use.

Residential Smart Water Meter Solutions

Residential meters allow you to self-manage your water usage levels and ensure you’re not paying for any more water than you actually need. At The Water Meter Guys, our residential meter solutions are available for all properties - whether you own an apartment, unit, or any other housing.

Commercial Smart Water Meter Solutions

Commercial water meters are designed for companies to help them track and manage their water usage. They use advanced technology like sensors and data analysis to show how much water is being used in real-time. This helps businesses save money and water by using it more efficiently. These meters can also be connected to building management systems to control water use automatically. This makes business water meters an important part of how businesses can be more responsible and sustainable.

Professional Smart Water Installation For All Property Types

The Water Meter Guys install professional meters for a range of different properties in Queensland. For property developers, we ensure your smart water meter installations comply with Council requirements for your Development Application across your duplexes, units, or housing blocks.

If you manage Strata Tiled Units or properties where water rates are evenly split for each water user, then some residents may be paying for water that they’re not using. By investing in professional sub-meter smart water installations for your property, your residents can pay for only the water they’re using - providing a fairer and more sustainable solution to water usage.

Knowledgeable Smart Water Meter Installers

At The Water Meter Guys, our smart meters feature accurate hourly readings that can be conveniently accessed online at any time. We’ve installed many meters for property developers and body corporates all over Queensland - keeping in line with the necessary Council and Authority requirements set for the specific region.

The Water Meter Guys are the experts in water meter installations in Queensland.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, having a smart water meter is not mandatory, as traditional water meters are still widely used; however, the choice often depends on individual preferences, water utility provider policies, and the desire for enhanced monitoring and efficiency.

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Brad from "The Water Meter Guys" was an absolute pleasure to deal with. There was more work require to complete the job that wasn’t quoted and he went over and beyond to help. Can’t recommend him enough

Jordan Malouf

Managing Director

I called The Water Meter Guys regarding a quote to install individual water meters for the Body Corp of the block of units that I managed.

Brad was extremely helpful in arranging an appointment quickly and then the quote which came in well under other quotes I had obtained. Brad was extremely professional and efficient, scheduling the times to install the meters and he was always prompt made more difficult by the different fittings in each unit.

After installation he cleaned everything up and has since been very prompt in replying when I emailed any questions to him.

I would recommend The Water Meter Guys to others.


Brad installed our water meter to our newly subdivided property this year.

He did what he quoted on the day he said.

Great service.

Mary Verissimo

I used the water meter guys to install a new water meter on my property, Brad's service was fast, knowledgeable and pain free, I'd highly recommend the water meter guys for anyone wanting a professional hassle free job.

Ben Hudson

I am here to say big thanks for you and your team.

You did a great job which is installing two water meters for new property.

As a foreign investor, that could be so difficult to deal with plumbing in Australia, you guys helped us a lot. I dont need to worry about the site plan, and any forms at all, good site inspection, and price.Especially I would say you are very easy to communicate with, anytime we had problems, you are always welcome to ask. Even we still had some other issues, you are always so patient to help solve the problem and support us. I would definitely suggest you to my friend who are looking for professional plumbers.


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