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When it comes to body corporates, effective metering solutions are integral to managing utility usage efficiently. This article explores various aspects of metering solutions, focusing on water service charges, billing methods, water usage, separate water meters, individual water meter solutions, benefits of separate metering, and the installation of individual water meters for units, apartments, and condominiums.

If you manage Strata Titled Units or properties where the Water Rates are split between everyone from one water meter reading, your tenants could be paying for other people’s water, which is just not fair!

This is especially relevant where the unit or property may be being used as a holiday home with one or two people using it occasionally, compared with other tenants who are permanent-located residents with families.

Strata Management

Strata management, also known as body corporate or owners' corporation management, is a professional service that oversees the administration and maintenance of shared properties, particularly in multi-unit developments and strata-titled buildings. Strata managers play a pivotal role in facilitating harmonious living by handling various responsibilities, including financial management, maintenance coordination, dispute resolution, and compliance with relevant regulations.

They act as intermediaries between property owners, the body corporate, and external service providers, ensuring that the communal aspects of the property, such as common areas, amenities, and utilities, are efficiently managed. Strata management is crucial for maintaining property values, promoting transparent communication, and navigating the complexities of legal and regulatory frameworks governing shared spaces.

Water Service Charge

Within body corporates, the water service charge is a critical component that influences how water costs are allocated among residents. There are different approaches to handling water service charges.

Body Corporate Pays All Water Bills:

In some instances, the body corporate assumes the responsibility of paying all water costs on only one water meter. This method simplifies billing but may lack precision in allocating costs based on individuals' actual usage.

Water Billed on Entitlements:

Alternatively, water can be billed based on entitlements. This method considers lot entitlements recorded in the format plan, ensuring a more proportional distribution of costs among unit owners according to their share percentage of the common property.

Separate Water Meters

Quite often, there will be an isolating tap which turns off the water to each of these units, this is usually where we can retrofit new water meters into these properties. Sometimes, these properties may even have their own individual water meters installed but they’re not approved by the local authority, which means each water meter won't be read individually until the correct water meters are installed.

Billing Method

The chosen billing method significantly influences the transparency and equity of water billing within a body corporate setting.

Water Usage

Understanding and monitoring water usage is crucial for both residents and property managers. It involves tracking consumption patterns and making informed decisions to promote sustainability.

Individual Water Meter Solutions

There are various solutions for individual water metering within units, apartments, and condominiums, each offering unique benefits.

Master Meter

Installing water meters in common areas and shared spaces allows for precise measurement of area consumption. This promotes fairness in distributing costs related to shared resource usage.

Installing Smart Meters

Adopting smart meters with real-time monitoring capabilities enhances transparency and empowers residents to make informed decisions about their water consumption.

Individually Metered Units

Installing individual water meters for each unit provides the highest level of accuracy in measuring individual consumption. This ensures that residents pay only for the water they use, promoting fairness and reducing disputes.

Benefits of Separate Metering

Separate meter readings offer several advantages within the context of body corporates and strata communities.

  • Cost Transparency: Separate metering provides residents with transparent and detailed information about their water usage, fostering trust and understanding.
  • Fair Cost Allocation: Accurate measurement and billing based on individual consumption contribute to fair and equitable distribution of water costs among residents.
  • Resource Conservation: Separate metering encourages residents to be mindful of their water usage, promoting conservation and sustainability within the community.

Installing Individual Water Meters

The installation of individual water meters for units, apartments, and condominiums involves a careful and systematic process.


Each unit is equipped with its own water meter, ensuring accurate measurement of individual consumption.


Installing sub-meters in shared spaces and adopting individual meters for each apartment enhances precision in tracking water usage.


Smart meters or traditional individual water meters can be installed in condominiums, depending on the desired level of monitoring and technological sophistication.

Body Corporate Water Meters

Metering solutions for body corporates play a crucial role in managing water usage efficiently. From determining water service charges to adopting a separate water meter for each unit, these solutions contribute to transparency, fairness, and sustainable practices within shared living spaces. The chosen billing method and water usage monitoring further enhance the overall effectiveness of these metering strategies.

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