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For accurate, cost-saving, and quality smart water meters in Brisbane, choose none other than the plumbing experts at The Water Meter Guys. Our smart water meters feature hourly readings and daily reports of water level usage, providing up to date and accurate information whenever it’s needed.

Traditional smart water meters in Brisbane are often checked by the Utility Provider quarterly, meaning that potential water leaks or other issues may go unnoticed for long periods of time - costing thousands of dollars paying for litres of wasted water.

At The Water Meter Guys, we’re the specialists in providing smart water meters in Brisbane and nearby - saving costs, reducing consumption, and benefiting the environment all in one.

The Water Meter Guys are fully licensed plumbers in Brisbane with years of expertise in installing, maintaining and repairing smart water meters for all property types.

Smart Water Meter Installations Brisbane

The Water Meter Guys provide smart water meter installations in Brisbane for body corporates, property developers, multi-unit property owners, Councils and more. Our smart water meter installations are in line with all local Council requirements including that of the City of Gold Coast, Brisbane City Council and Logan Council, as well as Authorities such as Urban Utilities (Brisbane) and Unity Water (northern regions).

Smart water meter installations require the services of specialist plumbers with expert knowledge on necessary Council and Authority requirements. Regular or traditional plumbers are simply not skilled to do the job. For smart water meter installations in Brisbane you can trust, talk to the team at The Water Meter Guys today. We make smart water meter installations for various Brisbane properties an informed, professional and smooth process.

Benefits of Water Meters in Brisbane

At The Water Meter Guys, we provide water meters in Brisbane that ensure water usage is fair, equitable, and based on actual usage. This offers many benefits not only for the environment but also in terms of cost, since water meters help to reduce consumption and consequently lower the amount of money spent on water level usage.

Our smart water meters in Brisbane provides accurate water usage level information on an hourly and daily basis that can be conveniently accessed online. This means you won’t have to travel to the on-site location to check your water meters, and instead can quickly keep on track with water usage levels at any time of the day.

Whether you’re a property developer, manage strata-titled units, Council member, or simply looking for ways to reduce your water utility costs in your properties in Brisbane, investing in smart water meters is a worthy investment that offers plenty of benefits.

At The Water Meter Guys, all our staff are inducted Licensed Plumbers working under Safe Work Management Systems, equipped with the latest plumbing technology and materials covered by all the appropriate Insurances

Professional Smart Water Meter Installers Brisbane

The Water Meter Guys are the leading and professional smart water meter installers in Brisbane. All our plumbers are fully licensed and familiar with the requirements to install quality smart water meters across a range of different property types near and within Brisbane.

We ensure your development applications across your duplexes, units, or housing blocks comply with Council or local Utility requirements. For property developers in Brisbane, our dedicated smart water meter installers will handle the complexities in dealing with local authorities and ensure all our work provided is properly insured for your peace of mind.

Our professional smart water meter installers in Brisbane at The Water Meter Guys are the experts you can rely on for quality smart water meter installations, maintenance and repair services

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