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How You Can Afford to Retrofit Your Multifamily Property With Submeters

Retrofit Your Multifamily Property With Submeters

Retrofitting water meters is the process of installing a water meter in a house or property that did not have one before. Most often this is done to improve monitoring of water usage and billing accuracy. 

Here at the Water Meter Guys, we are experts in water meters and we believe in people only paying for their water consumption and the importance of individual water meters.

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What is a Water Meter?

A water meter is a tool used to determine how much water a building uses. It monitors the flow of water entering the property and is installed in the water supply line. Water meters are also helpful in leak detection, as it is easy to identify if the meter is increasing but no water is being used.


Submeters are separate water metres installed in each unit of a multi-unit building, allowing each tenant to be billed separately for their individual water usage. This is in contrast to traditional bulk metering, where the entire building is billed as a single entity based on the total water usage. 

We offer sub metering for body corporates and property owners, get in touch with us today to get started installing your submetering system!

Smart water Metering

Smart meters are a more sophisticated type of water meter that transmits information about water usage in real-time using wireless communication technology. 

Smart water meters use sensors to continuously measure and report water consumption as opposed to conventional water metres, which require manual readings. Wirelessly transmitted to a central system, the data gathered by the meter can be analysed and used for a number of tasks, including accurate billing, leak detection, and water conservation.

A number of cutting-edge features are also available with smart water meters, including automatic leak detection and the ability to remotely turn off the water in the event of a leak.

At The Water Meter Guys, we offer a range of smart water meters, perfect for any house or complex.

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Retrofitting Water Meters in a Multifamily Property 

Although installing sub meters in multifamily buildings can require a large investment, there are many ways that a property manager can reduce the cost of the retrofit. Here are a few typical methods for funding the retrofitting procedure:

Utility rebates or incentives are frequently provided by water utilities to building owners who retrofit their structures with submeters. These incentives can reduce the price of the retrofit and help offset its costs.

Tax credits: Homeowners who retrofit their properties with submeters or other energy-efficient improvements may qualify for tax breaks. 

Energy-saving upgrades are eligible for a number of loan programmes, including the retrofitting of submeters, which are available to property owners.

As a property owner, it is beneficial for you to have a separate water metering system for each multifamily property, as it will be easier to identify any possible issues such as water leaks. 

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Upgrading your existing water meters

Upgrading water meters refers to the process of replacing an existing water meter with a newer, more advanced model. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including improving accuracy, reducing water waste, and incorporating new technology.

There are several types of water meters available for upgrade, including traditional mechanical meters, digital meters, and smart water meters. The type of meter selected for upgrade will depend on the specific needs and goals of the property owner or water utility.

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Water meter maintenance

In a multifamily property it is important to keep up maintenance of your water meter. This keeps the systems running at the optimal level, improving accuracy of water readings, improved lifespan, leak detection and reduced maintenance costs. 

We offer frequent maintenance for all of our water meters, contact us to get started on your water metering today!